Antonio Goncalves at the JUG-Frankfurt: 50 minutes to develop a full Java EE application with Forge

On 20th October 2015 Antonio Goncalves was in Frankfurt at the Java User Group Frankfurt and spoke about JavaEE with JBoss Forge.

The first thing he mentioned, was the „slow“ process how JavaEE evolves and that this cannot be changed. ;-)

Then he created a simple 3-tier demo Application with a Web-GUI and a database connection with the Forge command line (Shell) in a few minutes. He switched between the IDE and the command line to demonstrate which code was generated by Forge.

During the presentation he showed how to test the Application with Arquillian and mentioned Scaffold and Roaster and Microservices ;-) . At the end of the talk he demonstrated how to build a Forge Add-on. Furthermore, he presented a simple script which creates the Application within seconds.

A recorder which is able to record the commands you entered before in the command line for building the application, would be a nice new feature. Antonio will integrate the recorder in Forge in the near future. (on Monday) ;-)

The talk was very entertaining. Just a few examples of his jokes:

Q: Is the software stable?
A: Yeees, it is stable, but I wouldn’t integrate it into a plane.


Man pages are boring. That’s why we created Stackoverflow.

Many thanks to Codecentric for hosting the event. By the way, very interesting carpets in the rooms of Codecentric. :-)

Thank you Antonio for the informative and entertaining talk!


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