Great Datomic talk by Stuart Halloway in Darmstadt (JUG-DA)

On October 9th Stuart Halloway (@stuarthalloway) was in Darmstadt at the JUG-Darmstadt and gave a talk about Datomic.

First Stuart gave us an introduction into Datomic and explained the concepts behind this database. It was very interesting, because the realization of the concepts is „completely“ different from RDMSs and NoSQL-Databases. Datomic is a distributed database which supports ACID transactions. Additionally it is supporting joins and has a powerful query language (Datalog). At the end of the talk, Stuart showed us live how to use the query language to find information in the database.

I really enjoyed the talk. Stuart has explained the theoretical concepts behind Datomic very entertaining. Although Datomic is a relatively „unknown“ topic there have been over 30 listeners.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time. Stuart told us that he has slides for 16 hrs, but we had only 1,5h. :-(

After the talk we went to the Hotzenplotz and had some drinks and enough time to talk about Datomic… :-)

This time the book lottery was undertaken by Meikel Brandmeyer. He implemented a Clojure application with a Datomic backend and a web interface with ClojureScript. Really cool… :-)

@Stuart: Thank you very much for the visit in Darmstadt and the interesting talk about Datomic.

Thanks to Matthias Herlitzius (Aiticon) and Meikel Brandmeyer (kotka) for the sponsoring!

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