MQTT, Music & Mixed Drinks mit Dominik Obermaier

On April 13, 2018, the 22 IoT Meetup took place in Frankfurt. Topic this time was MQTT, Music & Mixed Drinks.

It started with a talk on MQTT 5. Dominik Obermaier introduced the new features of MQTT 5 after a brief introduction to MQTT in general and the history of MQTT.

At the end the question came up, if one should upgrade now and which brokers are currently supporting MQTT 5.
Dominik advised against switching to a productively used system because the standard is still too new.

In the second talk of the evening Dominik introduced the open source library MQTT Bee, which will be released in the end of May in version 1 and which will support both MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5.

As always, the event was super organized and there was good pizza and after the talks you had the opportunity to have interesting conversations. In addition, there was live music from The Blue Blistering Barnacles.

A big thanks to Diana for the organization and to codecentric for hosting this event!

And of course many thanks to Dominik for visiting Frankfurt.

More informations about the talks you can find here.

If you missed the talk you can find a recording of the Virtual IoT Meetup here where Dominik talked about MQTT 5 Talk.

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