DevOps and Continuous Delivery with CloudFoundry at DevOps-Meetup with Johannes Rudolph

On April 11th, Johannes Rudolph (meshcloud) was a guest at the DevOps-Meetup in Frankfurt at codecentric and gave a talk about „DevOps and Continuous Delivery with CloudFoundry“.

It started with a brief introduction of what Meshcloud is and what IaaS and PaaS is and how it is related to OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. Afterwards, Johannes presented a SaaS architecture and showed the possible problems and described how Cloud Foundry can help to fix this or at least minimize it. Before he presented Cloud Foundry in a Live demo, he described detailed the architecture and components of Cloud Foundry.
After the demo, Johannes has stretched the bow to Continuous Delivery and described how Cloud Foundry fits into CD and how the whole fits with the DevOps approach.
The fact that many questions were asked during the talk, various topics were deepened.
In my opinion the talk has given a good overview of Cloud Foundry.

I would have liked that Johannes would have shown how to set up and run Cloud Foundry, but that probably would have blown the timeframe.
In any case, thanks to Johannes for the talk and codecentric for organizing the event and Xebia Labs for the pizza. The slides can be found here.

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