New Palace „Neues Palais“, Park Sanssouci

The New Palace is situated on the western side of the Sanssouci royal park in Potsdam was build by Frederick the Great. The construction of the palace started 1763 and was finished after six years, 1769. It is considered to be the last great Prussian baroque palace.

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Lindenfels is a town in southern Hesse, Germany and known as the “Pearl of the Odenwald”. In the middle of the town stand the ruins of the Lindenfels castle with a great view into the distance over the Weschnitz valley.

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Reichelsheim is a community in Hesse, Germany. It is located in the middle Odenwald and was first mentioned in 1303. The Schloss Reichenberg (Richenburg Castle) was first mentioned in 1307 and was used as a private upperclass boys’ school from 1876 to 1924. Nowadays, it is a publicly accessible international meeting and conference centre with . . . → Read More: Reichelsheim

Castle Stalker and Port Appin

Castle Stalker is situated at the picturesquely Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe and is visible from the A828 road around mid-way between Oban and Glen Coe. The small isle is accessible (with difficulty) from the shore at low tide and it is one of the best-preserved medieval tower-houses surviving in western Scotland. It . . . → Read More: Castle Stalker and Port Appin

Inveraray and Oban

Inveraray is a small fisher and tourist village in west scotland. 1770 the 5th Duke was rebuilding the town in its present form and the end product was an attractive town. The village included houses for estate workers, a woollen mill and a pier to exploit herring fishing. The distintive white bildiungs at loch shore . . . → Read More: Inveraray and Oban

Royal Deeside, Scotland

The area around Braemar and Ballater is known as Royal Deeside, since Queen Victoria and the Royal Family have spent their holidays at Balmoral Castle. The river Dee has an important role for the nature in the area, because much of the semi-natural pinewoods in Scotland are within the river catchment. The whole area is . . . → Read More: Royal Deeside, Scotland


The Wartburg is situated near Eisenach (Thuringia) and was founded in 1068 by the count of Schauenburg. In 1207 the castle became the venue of the Sängerkrieg (Minstrels‘ Contest) in which Minnesänger (Walther von der Vogelweide or Wolfram von Eschenbach) took part and was treated with poetic licence in Richard Wagner’s opera Tannhäuser.

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Dunnottar Castle

Dunnotar Castle is located on a rocky hill, about 3km south of Stonehaven, Scotland. Most of the buildings are largely of the 15th–16th centuries and the castle played an important role in the scottish history, because you can overlook the shipping lanes to northern Scotland.

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Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire

Crathes Castle is a 16th century castle near Banchory in Aberdeenshire and served as the ancestral seat of the Burnetts of Leys until gifted to the National Trust for Scotland (1951). In the year 1323, the land was given as a gift to the Burnett of Leys family by King Robert the Bruce. The construction . . . → Read More: Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire

Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire

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