Spring Cloud with Josh Long at JUG-Darmstadt

On 21st, April Josh Long (Pivotal) was in Darmstadt at the JUG-Darmstadt and gave a talk about SpringCloud (Cloud native Java). JUG_DA_SpringCloudHe started with a motivation why it makes sense to use Open Source Libraries and frameworks such as Spring. Afterwards he implemented a small microservice with SpringBoot (Reservation service) and explained when it makes sense to use microservices. OH: „Use it, if it is necessary“. In other words, use microservices if the velocity in a team goes down because of the complexity of a monolith.

  The starting point of the first service was the URL http://start.spring.io where he created a small SpringBoot Maven Project. Multiple times he emphasized that you should select jar.   Make Jar not War!  ;-) Next to this introduction he expanded the reservation service by other services. Among others a configuration service (Config Server). JUG_DA_SpringCloudDuring the next steps he introduced a bunch of other features of SpringCloud by extending the example with Eureka, Zipkin, Zuul, RabbitMQ and Hysterix. Also he mentioned Brixton, Sleuth, Zookeeper and Consul. JUG_DA_SpringCloud After 3 hours he finished his „short overview“ and was very sorry that he could not show more… ;-) In my opinion it was a great and very informative and entertaining talk about SpringCloud with a lot of impressive live coding. Thanks a lot Josh for the interesting talk! JUG_DA_SpringCloudMany thanks to Accso for the hospitality!


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